q: who is cass?

a: a little freak
alternative answer: cassette, also known as cass/ck/cassie ect, is a multimedia artist, tape music maker, cozy clothing fan, school girl, distortion addict, marxist lenninist, blÄhaj cuddler, crayon drawer, cat person, nekomimi (catperson), boygirl, girlboy, and very loud gum chewer.
cassette's Dewey Decimal Section:
230 Christianity & Christian theology
cassette's birthday: 2/25/2005 = 225+2005 = 2230

200 Religion

The Bible and other religious texts, books about the general philosophy and theory of religion.

What it says about you:
You don't mind thinking about the unknown or other very big ideas. You will never feel like your work is finished. The 200-series is dominated by Christian topics, so you may feel like you're constantly surrounded by Christians.
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What Anime Weapon Would Work Best For You?
What Anime Weapon Would Work Best For You?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime Which Dragon Ball character are you?
Which Dragon Ball character are you?
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Your rainbow is strongly shaded gray.


What is says about you: You are an elegant person. You appreciate tradition and wisdom that comes with age. You depend on modern technology and may feel uncomfortable without it.

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you are saddlebrown

Your dominant hues are red and yellow... most of what you do is motivated by your need to change things and have a good time, but you've been known to settle down and think out a situation, too. You tend to surprise people just when they're starting to feel like they've got you down.

Your saturation level is high - you get into life and have a strong personality. Everyone you meet will either love you or hate you - either way, your goal is to get them to change the world with you. You are very hard working and don't have much patience for people without your initiative.

Your outlook on life can be bright or dark, depending on the situation. You are flexible and see things objectively.
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What Flavour Are You? Love me or hate me. I taste like Marmite.Love me or hate me. I taste like Marmite.

I am salty and sharp. My abrasive edge greatly upsets some people, but others will gleefully endure it. For those willing to put up with me, I am a great source of emotional health and stability. What Flavour Are You?